Projects & Initiatives

Foods Security

Foods security as the United Nations describes is an “evolving concept” . In the 1950s and 60s it was based on the idea of self sufficiency of major staples. But due to climate change, political factors coupled with other reasons, food security today encompasses several aspects beyond just supply. Today food security concerns ..........Read More

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming allows for the conservation of land. A division of controlled environment agriculture, vertical farming Instead of crops being grown on vast fields, they are grown vertically, or into the air.Allowing for produce to be grown, occupying much less space..........Read More

Urban Agriculture Movement

Urban farming wouldn’t necessarily be labelled as a new method for agriculture, but it is more energy efficient, cost efficient and is the solution to a lot of problems that the traditional farming sector faces. During WW2, urban farming - or what was then referred to..........Read More

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainability within agriculture has been a point of interest which interconnects with three main aspects: world economy, human societies, and biodiversity. Feeding the current world population is an everyday challenge; sustaining the life of the next generation is in our collective best interest. With rapid urban population growth..........Read More

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture or “Indoor Agriculture” is a technology based approach towards food production, which aims to provide protection and maintain optimal conditions for growing. CEA involves a combination of engineering, plant science and computer-managed technologies that optimise production efficiency..........Read More


IAG technologies can be integrated within buildings for sustainable urban development. Just within London, in 2016 48 tall buildings are in the proposed planning process while 43 have been approved. The city of London itself is testament to the potential of aeroponics in aiding sustainable urban development..........Read More