Innovation Agri-Tech Group introduces the latest innovations to provide the ideal horticultural lighting solutions for you. Our tested lights have shown everlasting evidence of high calibre crop yields. Sourcing the very best minds in science, we encapsulate all necessary elements for the formulation of state of the art systems, designed for quality and longevity.

Our horticultural lighting solutions have been carefully engineered to facilitate optimum plant growth and supplement the natural processes during growth cycles. Emulating natural sunlight and other key components, we are delighted to bring you the very best solutions; available now to the marketplace.

LED Lighting

The success behind IAG's LED lighting structure, is in its controllability, traceability and its efficiency regarding conditional growth patterns. Utilising LED energy and heat output is crucially cost effective, as both outputs are extremely low, yet providing high yielding crop growth.

LED Lighting Features
  • The colour spectrum in the LED lights have a range of light between 400nm-700nm.
  • Plants use the blue light to enhance its roots and leaves throughout the vegetative growth stage. It affects the chlorophyll formation and photosynthesis processes which allows the cryptochrome and phytochrome system, to raise the photomorphogenic response.
  • This light ranged between 450-490nm. The green light enhances root and cell growth, which can be used for eliciting specific plant responses such as stomatal control, phototropism, photomorphogenic growth and environmental signaling.
  • This light is ranged from 520-560nm and the amber through to far red enhances flowering speed, fruit development and quality, this light ranges from 630-730nm.

High Pressure Sodium Lighting

High pressure sodium lights mimic the lighting produced inside of a greenhouse. This type of lighting is popular in geographical locations that do not receive much sunlight. HPS Light radiates a large amount of heat, so advanced cooling systems are often required in environments that utilise this source.

HPS features:
  • Price competitive compared to LEDs.
  • Improved plant performance
  • Multi- purpose grow light
  • Yellow and red spectrum
  • Faster rate of absorption of nutrients, as heat is radiated onto the leaves.


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