Irrigation Systems

In the absence of rainfall, the supply of water to land by artificial means for growth of plants is crucial for its productivity. Irrigation has been a cornerstone of agriculture for thousands of years and has helped food production expand swiftly with population growth.

The earliest form of irrigation dates back to 6000 BC. Supplementing rainfall with water supplied by irrigation systems is an important aspect through periods of soil-water deficit or for the use within a controlled environment.

IAG have accumulated a diverse range of irrigation systems and at the forefront of its advancing technology, this allows us to provide knowledgeable advice to cater to clients specific requirements. We are constantly looking for new approaches that create optimal productivity which combine both software and hardware.

Emerging itself as industry experts, IAG are here to help navigate you towards the right direction dependant on your requirement.

Water Conservation

IAG encourages efficient agricultural practices for sustainable water management and environmental protection, reducing application of water between the agricultural sector. We consider the principle aspects of water management, including improvements in irrigation application, soil management and pest control, ensuring each drop used in crop cultivation has a purpose. Our closed-loop irrigation system was inspired by the challenges of water conservation.

Through our adoption of efficient irrigation technologies, we ensure the maintenance, restoration, and protection of water resources for sustainable development. IAG seeks to implement our strategies to areas most affected by adverse circumstances via strategic planning and development initiatives to drive change.

Closed Loop Systems:

Closed Loop irrigation are self automated systems that utilise sensors which measures soil moisture levels. This allows for more water control which therefore enhances water conservation; resulting in being environmentally and economically beneficial

Open Loop Systems:

Open Loop irrigation are manually handled systems, which means the end user will have to self manage these systems according to their desired preference.

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