Corporate Social Responsibility

At IAG, sustainability, social inclusion and economic growth go hand in hand with our mission to provide high-tech solutions for farmers and growers to feed a growing global population.

Agriculture counts for approximately 70 percent of worldwide water consumption, trends that have increased desertification and droughts, causing displacement of many communities and the poor. Whilst no single organisation can solve the entire issue, we believe many organisations dedicated to specific fields can make a difference. At IAG, we approach these problems by looking at how to contribute to global food security and agricultural resources efficiency challenges through the use of technology.

Our aim is to raise social awareness about the issues regarding agriculture and food in general and raise he profile of technology geared solutions that can be tailored to ease such pressures. We want this to help people have a deeper understanding and connection to their food that can translate into healthier and more planet-friendly lifestyles.

To achieve our aims, IAG targets partnerships with organisations, farmers and growersto help them modernise their operations and knowledge transfer programmes.