GrowPod - The Game Changer

Of course, we understand – you don’t consider yourself being another Alan Titchmarsh when it comes to gardening, you hate the idea of soil being on your kitchen counter or workspace, and you’re just way too busy to remember to water your plants…. every…. single… day. We get it! With the GrowPodhowever, it is smartly created to give each person ease to grow anything you desire from the comfort of your own space.

We have created a system that uses both hydroponics and aeroponic technology to help your veggies and herbs grow and flourish. With a growth rate of up to 50% than traditional gardening, this smart-soil technology is a true gardening gamechanger. Gone are the times when we only used to grow our vegetables, fruits and herbs when the summer season made an appearance. The GrowPod allows you to grow your homegrown succulence’sin the comfort of your own space regardless of the weather conditions outside. The hydroponic, aeroponic system uses 20x less water than soil based gardening, there are less worries about pesticides eating all your crops, and the system water can be reused which allows you to conserve water. That’s not the only thing that will have you at the edge of your seat with excitement. The high efficient, low emissions LED lighting system not only optimises growth, but your plants are also packed with the important nutrients and goodness you need. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This indoor gadget is something you need to have in your home, restaurant, student accommodation, hotel…. anywhere you desire.

We have several Grow Pod kits tailored for specific needs and suitable for different environments. If you are looking for the perfect desktop plant, then the J-Type is for you. It will enhance the office space at work, bring beauty to your grey student accommodation room, or even adding a touch of freshness to your home. The Grow Pod isn’t like an ordinary plant you buy from your local supermarket, it is a gardening system that allows you to grow wherever and whenever. However, if you are a lover of fresh flowers, and hate having to wait until the sun comes out the Grow Pod will allow your flowers to blossom for more than 120 days. The L-Aero includes all the functions of L-Hydro with an additional feature system that purifies the air and provides external humidness to your room in the dry winter.

You can pick fresh herbs whenever you need them which can greatly change the nutrient content that you are feeding your family, yourself and even people buying food in your restaurant. This smart indoor planting device is perfect for anyone, and with technology being an important factor in our day to day lives, growing plants can now be a part of the technological revolution.

With this sophisticated décor, it uses technology and nature to add beauty and bring part of the natural world into any space you desire. No digging, no weeding, no watering. Need I say more?