This outstanding technology promises to provide the best alternative farming solution with benefits including a 365 day growing time, lower costs than traditional farming and high yields.

What is FarmBox ?

FarmBox is a complete aeroponic growing system capable of producing a variety of lettuces, herbs, green vegetables and certain fruit. This pre-built system includes all the necessary components needed for successful plant growth and food production.

This cultivation procedure will now allow for a nutritious growth cycle, anywhere in the world and in any climatic conditions. FarmBox system makes use of innovative systems that control plant production automatically, producing first grade produce that is safe and totally pesticide free.

The biggest advantage of Farm Box is that it allows the plant roots to remain free in the maximum oxygen intake without the need of soil. The negative effects of soil compaction are are soil pathogens. Because they grow in perfect conditions, the plants thrive, having access it need in the form of nutrients and pH conditions.

The system also recycles water, saving up to 95% of which would normally go into the gro level of water efficiency impacts on the levels of carbon produced in the supply as well as of water for the process of growth.

This industry leading technology promises to provide the best alternative farming solution as it allows a 365 day growing time; lower costs than traditional farming; and high yields. Revolutionising agriculture is at the heart of what we do, and we believe that aeroponic technology is the fastest and most effective way of doing so.

With the use of this technology, farming units can be located anywhere across the globe, growing crops all year round and thus providing our clients with stability. The primary business mission is to execute deals for the FarmBox in order to reduce the global footprint. This will result in far less carbon emissions due to crops growing aeroponically. Crops will be able to be produced locally and in any type of environment, empowering local food production even when space is limited. The need for pesticides will be eradicated and the finished products will be of superb quality.