Affiliates and Partners

Why Partner with IAG?

Join our expanding network of affiliates, strategic partners, referral sources, alliances and all other professional relationships built on the promise of cross-marketing opportunities and start sharing our success today.

A strategic partnership with IAG not only offers the opportunity to capitalise on the strengths of our tech-research portfolio, but you can gain access to our extensive network of people and infrastructures across the globe. We work with advisors, private banks, lawyers, private equity and other involved parties in structuring partnerships. We apply the same rigour in our approach to ensure that clients receive a seamless service.

Our partners are pivotal to our success. We not only want to continue to strengthen our existing partnership portfolio but also to create new, multidisciplinary relationships with organisations from a array of sectors.

We can work with your organisation to develop a bespoke partnership to meet both of our objectives.

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